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An interesting development of one area of the Radical Encouragement work has been events where clients have made specific requests for “hybrid” inputs. This seems to have grown for a number of reasons.

a)  Trust developed over the number of years the project has been working
with clients
b)  Belief in the quality of inputs provided
c)  Confidence to ask for something a little different and knowing it will be
listened to
d)  Building a successful partnership network

Examples where this has worked well, are included below (even where one group has engaged in a dialogue with another group, and this has led them into a working relationship with the RAIS team fostering the network relationships in the patch):

CRAC and SPED (Blyth Valley County Council)
ICCQ (Improving Croft and Cowpen Quay)
Princess Louise and Newsham First Schools

Through our links with the Health development team, we were approached by Blyth Valley County Council to organize an event for two of their teams who were at a particular stage in their development. We sought an off-site venue, seemingly crucial in the success of these type of hybrids, and designed a program around the group’s needs.

The program included elements of Out-Smart, ESB and inquiry strategies and feedback was very positive. This group has arranged a follow-up event to take place in January.

Excellent session, everyone fully engaged. Ticked all our boxes! Well paced

Through another network, the ICCQ group which is involved with regeneration in part of Blyth another hybrid was requested by team leader Betty Weallan. Once again the group was changing its remit and was keen to develop both a team approach to their new vision and also promote quality relationships within the new team. This program once again drew elements from Out-Smart, ESB, and thoughtful inquiry, to provide an off-site event that the clients were thoroughly happy with.

Thinking time is a luxury, I’ve really benefited from it

The amalgamation of two schools in the Blyth area, Princess Louise, and Newsham First schools prompted an approach from Anne Marie Armstrong to design an event for the new senior management team. Again an off-site event was requested, with elements of inquiry, creative thinking, and newly shared visioning and Outsmart were built into the event program which involved an overnight stay to maximize our time together. This is being followed up by further work with both the whole staff and the SMT to aid their process.

It’s changed the way we are with each other – it was so positive

One of the effects of the longer term relationships that are progressing within the partnership seems to be the requests for this type of hybrid event. There is good trust, a belief in the trainers and the content, an understanding of the positive effects of long-term input, planning and partnership with RAIS, and that we are seen as a supportive positive and flexible training group.