ht_in_defense_liberal_education_jc_150325_12x5_1600This course is designed to raise the aspirations of young women who have low self-esteem and a low sense of self-worth. It is closely linked to the Encouraging Self Belief course. It raises questions about behavior and beliefs and encourages young women to encourage themselves and others, through coaching, to identify and celebrate their talents. It encourages them to articulate their goals in life and to work towards making these goals a reality.

The course is designed for young women from age 11 and up. It is also suitable for older people who work with these women and wish to facilitate such programs themselves. The course involves a series of 6 sessions of one hour each. The sessions are relaxed and interactive focusing on building positive self-confidence, self-esteem and raising aspirations.

It can help young women make the transition to Secondary school or who are nearing the end of their school lives.

The Course aims to:

•  Challenge negative behaviors and attitudes

•  Introduce positive female role models

•  Create a supportive community of young women

•  Allow young women to question the perception of self-image

•  Encourage young women to take action to make dreams a reality

•  Empower young women to take ownership of their behavior,
attitude, and future

•  Encourage the ability to make informed decisions and choices, and
ability to say ‘NO!’

•  Allow acknowledgment of ‘who we are’ and celebrate talents

•  Provide support for the issues and challenges facing young women

GROW can contribute to the Every Child Matters agenda in the following ways:

•  It can help children to be mentally and emotionally healthy

•  It helps with all of the Be Safe Aims

•  It can encourage attendance and enjoyment of school

•  It encourages positive relationships in and between children and
young people

•  It develops self-confidence and the ability to deal with significant life
changes and challenges, therefore, making children and young people
more ready to move into employment

•  And it can help parents, voluntary and community organizations to
develop the above in children and young people

Example Activity

Think about women you admire (it might be someone you know or it might be a famous person, look in one of your magazines) and try to articulate what it is you admire about them. What qualities do they have? Are they qualities that you aspire to or already have?

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