There has been a fundamental change in how leadership is viewed over the last ten years. It is no longer merely the prerogative of those in power, but it is recognized that we all have within us leadership qualities.

If the organizations that we work within are to begin to move towards their potential then it is imperative that this leadership is developed in all, rather than merely in those in power. This is called leadership capacity, a key concept in successful schools, business’ and voluntary and community organizations.

The Course

The course is aimed at a wide range of adults working in schools, colleges, businesses, voluntary and community organizations. It is not solely aimed at people in management and leadership positions.

The full course is 10 to 12 hours in length and both the timing of it and the focus can be tailored to the needs of your organization. It could be 2 full day sessions or shorter two-hour sessions or a combination of both. There is an expectation that delegates will observe and reflect upon practice in their own organization.

The course delegates will:

•  Gain a clear understanding of the concepts of leadership and of individuals
as leaders of learning

•  Learn what a learning organization is, how it operates and the benefits of
such an organization

•  Examine their own leadership and that of their organization

•  Develop a range of strategies to enhance both their own and others
leadership capacity

•  Relate all the above to their own situation and practice

Further Courses

In addition to our own leadership course, RAIS has teamed up with Bill Martin, an award-winning Principal of Leadership from the US, to support the development of Leadership in the UK.

Bill was a Primary School teacher, a Deputy in a Middle School and a Principal in 4 different High Schools in America. Of the four schools that he led, three won the coveted blue-ribbon status for being among the best 300 schools in the country (out of 36,000 High Schools in the USA). His most recent school, Monroe High School in Michigan, was failing its 2400 students when Bill took over. Five years later it was the only working-class school to feature in the top 300.

In 1993, Bill was recognized as one of ten Principals of Leadership in the US, and his school-wide thinking skills programs that he developed at two of his schools have been recognized internationally, not least by Art Costa, the author of Habits of Mind. We additionally have cooperated with Covcell.come to develop our own specific online course for students from difficult backgrounds who missed out on their high school education.

At regular intervals, RAIS will be hosting seminars on leadership led by Bill Martin.

Every Child Matters

Positive Leadership can contribute to the Every Child Matters agenda in the following ways:

•  It can help children and young people be ready for school and to attend
and enjoy and to stretch themselves at both primary and secondary school

•  It encourages children, young people, and adults to develop self-confidence
and to deal with change and challenge

•  And it can help parents, schools, voluntary and community organizations to
develop the above in children and young people

•  It is capacity building and encourages voluntary and community organizations
to improve the quality of the services they provide

Further reading

Positive Leadership Books
Leading in a Culture of Change
Michael Fullan

Leading in a Culture of Change: Personal Action Guide and Workbook
Michael Fullan

Knowledge for Action
Chris Argyris

The Fifth Discipline
Peter Senge

Leadership by Encouragement
Don Dinkmeyer and Daniel Eckstein