download (13)After a long day of running my usual mom duties on a cool mid January evening, I hurried to put dinner on the table. Feeling ambitious, I chopped, grilled, and steamed the foods that would please my guys. Perfumed with the aroma of ajo, I quickly ran out the door to yet another volunteer meeting

As I sat at the 8th grade committee meeting, I kept whispering to myself, “assist only.” Our school principal was giving us parents the run down on which activities we had enough funds for. Sadly, this year our student body, has a very limited budget, only allowing for a walking trip to the movies in place of the traditional class trip to a local amusement park.

I don’t know how it happened but as I looked above my head I saw my hand waving in the air. {Ay ajo, por qué me siguistes a la escuela? Se desperto mi hambre.} Was I really begging to take on this project? Um… I suppose I was.

Grrrr…Thanks to the teasing aroma of garlic, I am now in charge of putting together three fundraisers to help raise the money we need to take our students to the amusement park. What was I thinking? Um, my rational thought process was distracted by the growl in my stomach.

Leading groups of volunteers over the years has not been without its drama. Sometimes I have groups that have great cohesion and everyone is on board working together to get the job done. Other times I have one person who fights me each step of the way. Almost always, there are one or more persons who have given me the most minimal of efforts (<-why bother?).

Decorated paper bag for yearly PTA Santa Shop
But, no matter what kind of people I have the pleasure of working with, the goal to complete a project is my utmost priority. This often means that if a volunteer meekly makes their presence known, I have the challenge to get them to perform. I’ve been known to reassign these less-enthused people numerous times. I’ve been told I have an innate ability to lead groups.

A rush of anxiety tightens my chest as I begin to scan the room of parents wondering who would be best to recruit to my team. By the end of the meeting ideas for fundraisers slowly begin to take shape. We are a small group, but I feel confident that we will be successful.
This is my farewell to the many years of devotion to our school community and other volunteer work. I couldn’t imagine a better end to those years of hard work.
Do you volunteer at your child’s school?