images-39RAIS have developed this course for parents and carers of children and young people (for a background to the development, please read Case Study B)

At RAIS we believe that schools, homes and other organisations should work in cooperation with each other and ‘sing from the same hymn sheet’. This course draws upon much of the recent research and initiatives being used in schools to develop learning and teaching and adapts it for two aims:

•  To help parents understand what is happening in schools with relation to
learning and teaching

•  To equip parents with practical strategies and approaches to help them
support their child in their learning

One important point is that the course is designed to help parents and carers to support learning – it is not training them to be teachers. This is not possible in the time and we do not believe it to be desirable. Children spend time at school and we do not wish to turn their evenings into School Part II.

The Course

The sessions are interactive and relaxed with parents trying strategies and approaches and applying them to common situations to enable them to come to grips with their use. No two courses run in the same way because groups and individuals have their own issues and queries which we always try to address.

The benefits include an increased awareness and understanding of

•  Factors that affect children and young people’s educational experience

•  Different Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences and practical and
sensible ways in which they can be applied

•  Brain based learning including right and left brain dominance, Brain Gym™
and the importance of a low stress high challenge learning environment

•  Practical strategies for helping with (not doing) homework and revision
such as Concept Maps; Mind Maps™; Odd One Out; Taboo and Spelling

•  The importance of talk and questioning as learning mediums both in school
and at home

•  How memory works and can be improved

The course is 6 to 8 hours in length and can be done in one day or more commonly in four 1½ – 2 hour sessions. All participants receive a handbook that details what is done in the course and takes some of the ideas a little further

Every Child Matters

The SYCL course can contribute to the Every Child Matters agenda in the following ways

•  It can help parents and carers to encourage children and young people in
all of the aims under Enjoy and achieve

•  It encourages parents and carers to support learning from the home

•  And it can help schools, voluntary and community organisations to develop
the above in parents and carers

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