Praise from parents

The knowledge and understanding gained from RAIS has helped me as a parent to encourage and support my children’s learning to such an extent that may well have altered the course of their lives.  This is certainly true of my daughter who has been able, by building confidence, to overcome problems in school due to bullying, and to achieve more of her academic potential with greater understanding and support for her learning.  I found the courses invaluable, and shared what I learned with other parents.

I found the course very enlightening and the strategies that we were given have helped me to help my daughter in a much more stress free approach.  Had I had the same on offer when I was her age, I know I would have achieved more!!!

Thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it very helpful to enable us to support our grandson who has had behavioural problems.  Only wish that we could have taken this course earlier as it answered a lot of the questions we had about him and possibly could have avoided a lot of unhappiness had this course happened a couple of years ago

Praise from teachers

RAIS has changed the “thinking” of education/educators through its programmes in local schools and community groups, as well as through larger conferences.  From my initial introduction to Thinking for Learning, P4C and my first research activity, I believe my teaching and the pupils’ learning has moved forward radically

Most of the strategies and techniques I use in the classroom have come about through the stimulus and input provided by RAIS.  It has had a dramatic and measurable effect on the learning, independence and motivation of pupils I have taught

RAIS has helped the school focus on the teaching and learning agenda and has provided really useful support and consultancy to take that agenda forward in a meaningful way

The NRAIS team have been inspirational both to myself and the service. I come away from all training sessions highly motivated, and inspired to try new approaches to my work with deaf children

Praise from Community and Family Support Workers

I enjoyed the RAIS courses immensely.  They helped me understand children better and how I can help them achieve more with positive thinking and self belief and self confidence which can take any of us a long way in what can be a very difficult life

I think philosophy is and amazing subject.  It helps you to question things that you maybe would not have given a second thought to.  I think that using it with children helps to communicate on their levels and you can get a better understanding of the way in which they think, and possibly feel.

I found the courses very informative with lots of valuable advice on how to help the families that access our service learn. We have used the techniques and they have worked!

The course gave me strategies to have a greater variety of ways to interact with my caseload. It was and excellent course – practical and memorable.  I now use ideas from it in my everyday work.